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Music is a big part of my everyday life. I listen to my favourite tunes in the car, during gaming sessions, workouts, and when I’m working on my blog. When I’m not at my desk, I switch from my wired headphones to my wireless earbuds.

I used the Jaybird X3 wireless earbuds for years—and they were pretty good for my needs. However, with all technology, battery life gets worse and structural integrity starts to decay (on top of other things). I felt it was the perfect time for an upgrade.

One of my buddies told me about the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus that had been released. Since I use a Samsung Galaxy S9+, it made sense to go with the same brand for optimization and such. Among all the tech products I purchase, I do extensive research before pulling out my wallet.

From the other earbuds I compared, these seemed like the definitive choice—and I was damn right!

Today I’ll be going over my thoughts and impressions on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus as well as how they compare to other wireless earbuds, its features, and more.

*Spoilers* They’re awesome!

Wireless Earbud Comparison

Here’s a spec sheet as to how the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus compare to other popular wireless earbuds on the market:

ModelGalaxy Buds PlusAirpods ProWF-1000XM3MOMENTUM True Wireless 2
Battery Life11 hours5 hours6-8 hours7 hours
Case Battery11 hours24+ hours18-24 hours28 hours
Wireless ChargingQi-based chargers

“PowerShare” enabled devices
Qi-based chargersNoneNone
Ambient SoundYesYesYesYes
Active Noise-CancellingNoYesYesYes
PriceSee PriceSee PriceSee PriceSee Price

Build Quality

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus placed on a wooden table.

I’ve always enjoyed the look of Samsung products; these earbuds are no different. The Galaxy Buds Plus has a sleek and elegant design that matches well with Samsung’s other line of products. While completely plastic, they don’t feel like other wireless earbuds I’ve tested. It uses a mix of hard plastic for the body of the buds as well as soft plastic for the ear tips and wings.

The Galaxy Buds Plus comes packaged with three sets of ear tips and three sets of hooks. I found the middle-sized ear tips to fit my ears the best. For the wings, I was a little hesitant about putting them on as I disliked the wings on my Jaybird X3’s. Thankfully, the wings on the Galaxy Buds Plus are non-intrusive and feel comfortable. They provide excellent support during long listening sessions.

After two months of having them, I have used the Galaxy Buds Plus while running, hiking, and weightlifting. They have NEVER fallen out of my ears. Even when I vigorously shake my head to force them out!

One minor drawback of the Galaxy Buds Plus is that they are not completely waterproof. They have a water-resistance rating of IPX2, which is fine for workouts and a bit of rain. Be wary of bringing these to the pool or beach.

The Galaxy Buds Plus, at least in Canada, comes in black, white, or blue. Other regions include red as well as pink. As you’ve already noticed, I opted for the black.

Sound Quality

A man using the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus to listen to music.

When Bluetooth earbuds first hit the market I was very skeptical as to how they perform compared to your standard wired earbuds. Phone manufacturers were eliminating the headphone jack and paving the way towards a wireless future. A scary but also an exciting time for tech enthusiasts.

My first experience with wireless earbuds was in 2018 when I purchased the Jaybird X3’s. They sounded decent…when they stayed connected. After a few years of using them, they started to disconnect from my phone quite often. I would also hear crackling and distortion while listening to my music. It drove me nuts!

With the Galaxy Buds Plus, these issues are non-existent. And the sound quality? They are phenomenal! The earbuds utilize Bluetooth version 5.0 as well as a 2-way speaker system developed by AKG that truly pushes the envelope for studio-quality sound. It’s like I’m listening to my favourite songs for the first time!

The sound quality of phone calls is also really great. When I don’t feel like holding my phone for an extended duration (sorry Mom!), I use my Galaxy Buds Plus. Hands-free phone calls couldn’t be more convenient!

One addition that I would have loved to see on the Galaxy Buds Plus is active noise-cancelling. It’s strange that other wireless earbuds from top brands have active noise-cancelling features, but Samsung does not. Maybe we’ll see it in the next iteration.

Battery Life

A man holding the charging case for the Samsung Galaxy Buds plus.

With 11 hours of battery life and AN EXTRA 11 hours from the charging case, I’ve rarely had to plug my Galaxy Buds Plus in for a charge. There is more than enough juice for both casual listeners and audiophiles.

Samsung claims that 3 minutes of charging provides up to 1 hour of playtime. From my testing, this seems to be accurate. Fast charging technology is an amazing quality of life feature that every new device should have!

Furthermore, the Galaxy Buds Plus charging case uses two light status indicators to tell you how much power you have. One on the inside for the buds and another on the outside for the charging case. To put it simply, green is fully charged, red is charging, flashing red is low battery, and yellow is moderate power (between 30% and 50%). You can find more information by clicking here!

Charging the Galaxy Buds Plus

An image of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and its charging case getting charged via a USB type-C cable.

One of the neat things about the Galaxy Buds Plus is the variety of ways to charge them.

The first and most simple way to charge them is with the included charging case. Open the case, place each earbud in its designated spot, close the case and you’re good to go.

Need to charge the case too? Just plug the included USB Type-C cable into the charging case and plug the standard USB side into a computer or charger port.

The second way is to use wireless charging. The Galaxy Buds Plus works with Qi-compatible charging stations. Unfortunately, I currently do not own a Qi wireless charger so testing this feature will have to wait. Like all wireless chargers on the market, I’m assuming it works the same way as it would with charging your phone.

The last (and most interesting) way to charge the Galaxy Buds Plus is with your phone. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S10, Note 10, or any of the S20 series smartphones, you can take advantage of a feature called Wireless Powershare. Wireless Powershare makes it so that your phone acts as a wireless charger—which is super cool! For more information on this feature as well as compatibility, check out Samsung’s article by clicking here.

Galaxy Wearable App

After unboxing my Galaxy Buds Plus, the first thing I was prompted to do was download the Galaxy Wearable app.

I was thinking to myself “great, more bloatware for my phone. Just what I needed.” However, I was impressed with what it offers to enhance my listening experience.

After a surprisingly long (but simple) pairing process, the Galaxy Buds Plus connected to my Galaxy S9+. All I do now is open the app, open the charging case, and they’re paired. Once you arrive at the main menu, you are shown the battery life for each bud, the charging case, and are presented with a variety of options to tweak.

An overview of the the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus battery life status in the Galaxy Wearable app.

The first feature you will find is ambient sound. Ambient sound lets you hear your surroundings while you listen to music or are on a phone call. When turned on, you have a choice of low, medium or high ambience volumes. This is especially great for runners/cyclists who need to hear the surrounding vehicles that approach them. I truly love this feature!

The ambient sound feature found in the Galaxy Wearable app for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.

The next feature you will find is an equalizer. Most people, like myself, often leave the equalizer on normal and go on with their music. Nevertheless, I noticed a significant improvement in music quality when toggling to the dynamic mode. To my ear, the vocals and production sound remarkably better in this setting. Other options include bass boost, soft, clear, and treble boost. Pick and choose to your taste!

An overview of the Equalizer feature found in the Galaxy Wearable app for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.

The last notable feature in the Galaxy Wearable app is the Find My Earbuds button. If you happen to lose your earbuds around your home or in a public place, you can use this button to help you find them. To begin your search, press the start button and you will hear a birdlike chirping noise that gets progressively louder. Once you have located your earbud(s), press the stop button to silence the noise. Easy as that!

The Find My Earbuds menu in the Galaxy Wearable app

Using the Galaxy Buds Plus

You may have noticed that there are no physical buttons on the Galaxy Buds Plus. This is because they utilize tap commands to control the music as well as other functions on your phone.

To pause/play, simply tap on the touchpad on one of the earbuds.

A man single-tapping his Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus to pause and play his music on Spotify.

To play the next track (or answer/end calls), tap twice.

A man double-tapping his Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus to play the next track on Spotify.

Tripple tapping lets you play a previous track.

A man triple-tapping his Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus to play the previous track on Spotify.

The Galaxy Buds Plus also has a touch-and-hold gesture that lets you add custom commands. For my earbuds, I use the left bud for volume down and the right bud for volume up. Other options include enabling ambient sound, voice commands, and opening certain apps such as Spotify.

A man performing a tap-and-hold function on his Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus to adjust the volume of his music on Spotify.

Switching from my Jaybird X3’s to the Galaxy Buds Plus was a little difficult as I’ve been accustomed to physical buttons for years.

Rather than tapping the earbuds, I would constantly tap my upper jaw or sideburn region like an idiot. But after a few days of practice, my fingertips are now tapping the touchpads 99.99% of the time!


I tried really hard to find flaws with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, but I absolutely love them! Their superb sound quality and amazing battery life are just too good compared to the competition.

Yet, without an active noise-cancelling feature, the Galaxy Buds Plus is still one of the best wireless earbuds you can buy this year. Whether you’re upgrading from an older pair of wireless earbuds, or cutting the wire for the first time, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is an excellent choice for listening to your favourite music.

I highly recommend them!

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus


Build Quality


Sound Quality







  • Well designed and feel comfortable in ears
  • Excellent battery life
  • Great sound quality
  • Easy to use app


  • No active noise-cancelling
  • IPX2 water-resistance rating

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